About Project


The general objective of our project “Teaching in the Digital Age” is to increase the quality of VET education by motivating teachers of maths and vocational subjects to use modern methods of teaching with a strong support of digital media, to support continuing professional development and independent learning and to introduce new pedagogical methods essential for teaching in the digital age.

As starting points of the project we defined:
Following a vision of 21st-century education which is: learning anywhere, anytime, through any device, with the support of anyone.
Demand of increasing the quality of vocational education based on consistency of VET education with employers´ needs, on acquiring competences which goes hand in hand with a new role of the school and the teacher who must have advanced knowledge and skills in using ICT and new teaching methods.
our project we want to initiate a process of professional development of teachers by joint work among partner schools and thus to help teachers through informal learning by sharing experience and good practice of our partners to integrate IT in teaching/learning more intensely.
As each partner school has different experiences with using teaching supported by ICT and digital devices, different ICT skills and competences  and use different pedagogical approach for effective teaching, the partnership/community of teachers at EU level are solid solutions for exchanging good practices and for peer support and thus for increasing quality and effectiveness of teaching/learning in our schools. And exploiting the potential of technology-enabled approaches to teaching and learning can best be achieved through strategic partnership of European countries. This partnership will be supported by a large number of accompanying activities. All staff involved will get a lot of authentic experiences by working together. And so this project idea also symbolizes the European spirit in various ways and exemplifies the value of European cooperation.


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